a few more things that are good (part ii)

(Because Part I was fun to write, & because today is a day in which I need to grasp onto some small wonders.)

i. Autumn. Hymns of wind-soaked laughter & homesick thunderstorms, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the satisfied whistle of a teapot boiling. Of all the seasons, I think autumn holds the most dulcet sort of music.

ii. The comforting weight of three books tucked in one's bag & six more perched on the nightstand. I will never truly feel at home in a place that is not overflowing with books: books in the closet, books on the desk, books peeking out of the most remote crannies to whisper hello, it is a wonderful thing to read & be read by you.

iii. Poems. And also the people who enjoy poems. (Funnily enough, I have discovered that these people tend to be poems in & of themselves.)

iv. Children who are kind simply because they can be. Today, as I was volunteering in our elementary school library, a small girl I had never seen before walked up to me & said: "You looked like you need a cookie today." And she procured a crumbling chocolate chip cookie from her bag & placed it on my desk, then wrapped her arms around me & hugged me for a good thirty seconds. "I hope things get better," she said, & promptly untangled herself from me & skipped off. I think that is a level of kindness we should all aspire to.

v. A dog & a squirrel, & the endless whirl of delighted chaos that occurs when they happen to come together.

vi. Listening to the same song over & over & over again. How, after a certain unnamed point, the music is less filtering through your headphones & more dissolving into your bloodstream, the lyrics etched into some secret place very deep inside of you, the rhythm thrumming through your bones, less a discombobulation & more a perfectly crooked symphony. The precise moment that a song seeps into your soul, becomes the motive in everything - that, I think, is the most special one of all.

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