and some more things that are good (part iii)

(Because oh, hell, why don't we just make it a series?)

i. New Year's Resolutions. They get a bad rap, surely, but nonetheless - I believe there is something so lovely in having a set of guiding principles to illuminate one's year. I myself have been poring through my 2016 resolutions whenever I am in need of a small stirring of courage, or a reminder of what beginning looks like when all else seems to hold nothing but dark. I so love the idea of living with intention. Of doing nothing without knowing the reason why.

ii. Spontaneity. But of course - there is the other side of the coin, the part of me with loose hair & wide eyes & a heart too alive for the rules that I impose upon it. Sometimes, I have found, there is nothing more gratifying than walking home in a thunderstorm with one's umbrella tucked safely away in one's bag. Or turning to a stranger on the subway & beginning a conversation. Giving a waiter a hundred-dollar tip (something I have not done, but which I aspire to someday). Seeing a film in a genre one generally despises. All of these things are fuel for the soul.

iii. Writing in books. I carry a book & a pen with me everywhere I go - the better to scrawl in the margins, underline gorgeous snippets, make a mark on the book as deep as the one it has made on me.

iv. This line, Picasso at his finest: "When I haven't any blue I use red." Yes. Yes. Yes. The art of making do. I adore that. A perfectionist such as myself so often finds anxiety in minuscule things. But red is blue is purple, no? There is more than one way to find the magic. It is everywhere, in everything. Always, always I must remind myself of this.

v. That single, glorious moment in the afternoon when one is in a room with far too many windows, and one turns to feel the light drape just so across one's body, the softest cradle in the endless storm.

vi. Writer's groups. I am part of two at the moment - one well-established, one still finding its feet - and both are teaching me so much. There is nothing better, I think, than to be surrounded by those who love the thing that you do, love it in depths of their bones & the winding of their veins. How beautiful to share this starlight with each other.

vii. Faith. Do you believe in a higher power? Really & honestly? Because I do. I do not know whether it is God or karma or some other being altogether. But I believe the universe is built on the faith that everything will turn out all right in the end, and if I believe in anything, I believe that is enough. Even when nothing else feels true.

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