Half Mystic: New Wonders Galore

Friends, please allow us to extend our hands in greeting as we welcome you to Half Mystic's lovely new website!

I and the whole team are floating with excitement light as star-stuff, and we hope that you too are intrigued by what you see in our online home. Please do feel free to explore – there are snippets from Issue I scattered everywhere, our blog posts have gorgeous new visuals to accompany them, and even our pages have been updated to share with you Half Mystic’s vision. We hope you find some magic in this new thing.

And – now that we are speaking of magic, let us speak of the ones who make it happen! We are welcoming today two staff members – one, Tilly Martin, our new blog correspondent, a collector of small and beautiful things and such a soft, luminous soul. And the other, Stephanie Yang, a writer and musician whose veins curl into quarter notes, here as a blog correspondent & composition editor.

We are immensely and unspeakably delighted to welcome both of these beautiful creatures onto the masthead – not least because, at last, our team is complete. It is an incredible & uplifting thing to see the journal that you have sung to and nurtured, surrounded by those who adore just as much as you do. I, as the editor-in-chief, could not have hoped in my wildest dreams for a better group of songbirds to continue Half Mystic‘s melody.

But with such beginnings, as always, come endings: and so, I must say that I am equally pleased and slightly apprehensive to announce that we are setting the final submission deadline for Issue I: Allegro as Monday, May 2nd, 2016. Compiling this issue has been an act of such wonder – and we are so very excited to see all of your submissions for allegro up until the 2nd. Please do send us your best: the writing & music that makes your soul dance. We want to bind as much beauty as possible into our inaugural issue, and we cannot wait to see your work.

And if you too feel the same way, then we have some incredible news for you: pre-orders for Issue I: Allegro are officially open. If you are tingling with as much anticipation as we are for our inaugural issue, you may now pre-order a physical copy (with the option to be signed by myself!) or an eBook. Both will be released in the week or two after submissions close, and you will be the first people in the world, besides our staff members, to settle down and immerse yourselves in all of its enchantment.

We cannot express with words how grateful we are to you for supporting us this far – nor how over the moon we are to see our little journal growing so quickly, with its first issue almost out. In the coming weeks we will be sharing much more – a cover reveal, an interview with our featured artist, music that is featured in Issue I – and all of it is endlessly gorgeous.

For now: please do submit to Issue I (writers / musicians). Pre-order it, if you are keen for the first tastes of wonder. And, as always, keep an eye on the blog. We cannot wait to share more.