Friday Poetry: Little Horoscopes for April

I will not lie: it has been a long & difficult week. I am still working through the news that I shared with you lovelies earlier. Your kind messages & emails have been so lovely—but all the same, it has been tough to realise this new identity. To recognise the symptoms I have brushed off for so long, & put them in the starkest of light.

have been writing. Mainly poetry, on any & all topics as long as they do not at all pertain to mental illness of any sort. And mainly sad poems. But still poems, which I think is far preferable to completely shutting off any & all words. Perhaps simply the writing may help with the healing.

And on that note: horoscopes for April are here, my loves. Forgive me if these are slightly sadder than usual—I may be a bit biased this month—but as always, I hope you enjoy them.

And I hope your week has been warm & filled with softness. I will see you on Monday, everyone. xx


Little Horoscopes for April

Gemini, your people are the ones who are not afraid to dance with you in public.
Leo, it’s about damn time the princess saves herself.
Sagittarius, do not forget that no is a complete sentence.
Capricorn, breathe in this warmth.
Scorpio, it is time for a spring cleaning of the soul.
Cancer, sometimes tunnel vision only guides you to the light at the end of it.
Aries, find it in yourself to ease into stillness.
Pisces, welcome to a life lived in technicolour.
Libra, there are more realities than the ones that exist in your poetry.
Aquarius, you have done enough already.
Virgo, this is only one cold snap in a lifetime of cherry blossoms.
Taurus, you are not ruined.