Friday Poetry: Little Horoscopes for August

So it appears that I am a bit of a liar.

By which I mean: I fully realise I promised that I would be back in full swing on the blog this week, but it appears as if life, the universe, and the fates themselves were conspiring against me in order to prevent that from becoming a reality.

(Or, perhaps—if one is less melodramatically inclined—I simply had a busy week. But I am nothing if not a lover of drama, so I believe we will go with the former instead. It sounds so much more exciting, don't you think? ;))

In all seriousness, I apologise for being absent from Shadows of Cats over the past few days. I do bear good news, though, that might make up for it slightly—I think we are making some real developments in the mental health department. I have met with a therapist who specialises in hyperacusis (or, in layman's terms, hypersensitive ears) and I believe she might be able to help me get rid of this. So that is wonderful, and truly, it is so lovely to have some semblance of a plan.

More good news for you—despite my absence, I have indeed been writing poetry! Specifically, I'm here with the horoscopes for August. They were great fun to write—as always, it's such an interesting challenge to fit so many stories into one line for each of the signs, and I do hope I did alright with it.

I would be so delighted to hear your thoughts on these—feedback & comments are always welcome. And I hope you're having a beautiful August so far, lovelies. xx


Little Horoscopes for August

Libra, spend your love wisely.
Capricorn, breathe through all of this.
Sagittarius, you are a wanderer; the rest comes later.
Taurus, loneliness is just as much the cure as the ailment.
Aquarius, of course you are needed.
Pisces, a blank canvas is its own kind of art.
Cancer, this is worth every battle.
Leo, you are so much softer than you believe.
Gemini, manifest harmony.
Virgo, one day you will be glad you left them behind.
Scorpio, remember what brought you here.
Aries, you are both the spark and the wildfire.