Little Horoscopes for August

So it is August now.

And we are two-thirds of the way through 2016, and it is August now in the way that months sneak up on the universe, unapologetic yet inexplicable all the same. It is August now and the world has gone through eight months of hardship & horror & hurting & somehow, amongst all of this, hope.

I have to believe that there is hope. I have never known how to exist without it.

2016 has been hard on me. It has been hard, I think, on all of us.

But it is August now. And autumn peeks its lovely head around the corner. And in one month—one month—I will be 17, which is terrifying and unexpected and beautiful. And it is August now, and we keep going, as we always have, as we always will. It is August now, and we keep holding each other up, even in a world awash with tragedy. We keep being lighthouses for each other.

Here are little horoscopes for August.

I hope they can be a lighthouse for you. Or something like it, at least.


Little Horoscopes for August

Gemini, say yes more often.
Pisces, invite your old self over for tea.
Taurus, you do not have to prove your sadness to anyone.
Sagittarius, sunflowers turn to you for light.
Virgo, linger.
Leo, swim until you can’t see land.
Aquarius, you are love.
Capricorn, your heart is a house, not a vacant motel room.
Libra, you could steal the sun and still be friends with the sky.
Cancer, do not think that everything you’re doing goes unnoticed.
Aries, your presence is a work of art.
corpio, you will be remembered for more than your trauma.

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