"All is not lost." (Little Horoscopes for August)

I've been feeling scattered this August, a little all over the place, not quite here or there. Energy fleeing my body. It has not particularly helped that my computer is out of commission, meaning far less writing, less Half Mystic work, more undefined hunger, more softening sadness. I hope all of you are safe after Charlottesville. The news shook me deeply, having been very near the city just a few weeks ago, & yet it did not surprise me. How horrible that it did not surprise me.

If you'd like to help, here is such a lovely & constructive list from the ladies at A Cup of Jo. (I found light especially in this article.)

& of course, a reminder that I am a queer, neurodivergent woman & artist of colour, & supporting my own work—whether that is by reading my books, joining the love letter list, sharing your favourite blog posts with a friend, or sponsoring my writing on Patreon - helps me keep sharing it with you for years to come.

I hope you enjoy these horoscopes, friends, & that they might serve as a space to breathe today. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Little Horoscopes for August

Cancer, anchor yourself to this wild & echoing life.
Pisces, there is progress even in stillness.
Taurus, do not blame yourself for this certain familiar shade of aching.
Aries, I promise you will not regret saying yes.
Leo, grow towards the sun, even if it’s not in the direction you first expected.
Scorpio, tell them you love them.
Gemini, this universe remembers the gifts we give her, knowing we’ll never get anything back.
Aquarius, sadness is not a dress you can grow out of.
Sagittarius, this dream will be so much more & so much less than you’ve imagined.
Capricorn, keep your eyes & your heart wide open.
Libra, you love like a tsunami & no one will ever turn that into something less than beautiful.
Virgo, all is not lost.