Friday Poetry: Little Horoscopes for December

I have escaped the shackles of exam week at last! Yes indeed, my last two finals finished on Thursday—I meant to write a blog post, but then I came home, wrote a celebratory tweet, and promptly fell asleep fully clothed because I was so exhausted. But now that it's all over, I believe it's high time we break out the Christmas trees and mistletoe, sweaters and stockings, carols and—of course—poetry.

Two quick updates before December's horoscopes: firstly, our 16-16 project is this close to finished! (That, by the way, is why Friday Poetry is coming on a Saturday this week—I was rather busy last night working on 16-16, so I hope you don't mind that poetry had to wait.) We are still putting the finishing touches on the chapters, but the project is, for the most part, over. It's been a wild and beautiful ride, and I am so very sorry to be done with it—but also, immensely excited for you lovelies to read the finished product. More on that on Monday!

And also: I am officially on antidepressants. We went to my psychiatrist's office today to pick up meds for this week; I'm going to be checking in with him at the end of the week to see how it goes. I'm slightly apprehensive, I must admit—but my psychiatrist has assured me that the side effects for the particular medication I'm taking are few, and so I hope it turns out okay. As always, updates as they come.

And so, without further ado: here we are with horoscopes for the last month of the year!

I hope you have had a beautiful December so far, and that the rest of 2015 holds nothing but brightness and joy for you and those you love. Here is my small attempt at adding to the light. xx


Little Horoscopes for December

Capricorn, you have so much to be proud of.
Aquarius, being the sun must be so beautiful and so exhausting.
Taurus, don’t assume they know how much you love them.
Leo, the stars are jealous of your light.
Libra, stay with the people who make you feel safe.
Gemini, you should never have to choose between the universe and him.
Sagittarius, it is possible to find strength in the sadness.
Cancer, you are already a work of art.
Scorpio, you are whole with or without them.
Virgo, healing speaks so many languages.
Pisces, you cannot possibly fathom how capable you truly are.
Aries, if you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it.