Little Horoscopes for December

How impossible it feels that 2016 is—finally & too fast—coming to a close. It is a time for reflection & one for looking ahead. It is a time for gifts & for sweaters. It is a time for too many candy canes. It is a time for flowers—real ones for those of us nestled just below the equator & memories for those enveloped in singing snow. (But then... when, really, is it ever not a time for flowers?)

& as always, it is a time to look to the stars so that we may look within ourselves.

Here are December horoscopes, my loves.

Coming soon, to round out the year... my favourite art, books, music, podcasts, poems, films, people of 2016. Notes to self for 2017. In one short week (!!), Issue II of the literary journal I edit, Half MysticReflections on this year. It is all in the making.

For now, though: a deep breath. A soft sigh.

I hope that you let yourself still for just a moment from the craze of the holiday season to read these horoscopes. If you have been searching for some guidance, I hope you let these be it.

I love you so. Enjoy.


Little Horoscopes for December

Scorpio, healing is choosing yourself.
Leo, it is possible to both be a lover & a fury.
Pisces, there is no finish line.
Aquarius, you bring the sun into every room you inhabit.
Capricorn, your needs do not make you a burden.
Aries, now is the time to bloom.
Gemini, you cannot dream them into loving you.
Cancer, there is no possible future in which you are not happy.
Sagittarius, you have more important work to do than wait for them.
Virgo, seek out the quietest thing.
Libra, every version of you is truth.
Taurus, you are the slowest revolutionary.