Little Horoscopes for February

These are very, very late.

But this month we have an extra day tucked into our pockets for safekeeping. Today is one extra day for the stars to align. If I believe in anything, I believe in chance. In the universe nudging things into place, especially during this most magical of months. And even more especially on this extra day we have been gifted. One more day to make our destinies come true.

Here are February's horoscopes. They are not coming to you on a Friday, but they are poetry all the same.

I hope you enjoy them as reminders for today, and then as art for the future.

(And I will be back on Friday with horoscopes for March—on time, this time.)

Little Horoscopes for February

Virgo, it is a time of cleansing, in more ways than one.
Aries, do not leave behind those who were once in your place.
Aquarius, you are under no obligation to say yes.
Libra, being the one who is more in love is the hardest and most beautiful thing you will ever decide to do.
Capricorn, one day you will look back and realise how much all of this mattered.
Sagittarius, apologise.
Pisces, forgive.
Taurus, the right time to speak is always now.
Leo, you have never been unfinished.
Scorpio, find yourself in the spaces no one else thinks to look for you.
Cancer, softness is power.
Gemini, the future only happens when you kiss it back.