Little Horoscopes for February

My friends, the world is spinning in all kinds of terrifying directions—but at least there is still poetry, & the sky, & goodness shining somewhere in the distance, & every battle we fight to find it at last.

I have been beautifully astounded in this past month at all of the incredible definitions of resistance around me, & the people who tirelessly work to make sure rightness & justice & light remain here. This month's horoscopes, then, are dedicated to them. I hope they serve as a reminder to keep our heads up. To shine on, speak out, sing a song of revolution.

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Enjoy these horoscopes. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts. xx


Little Horoscopes for February

Aquarius, there is too much at stake to stay silent now.
Libra, you are not required to have compassion for your oppressors.
Pisces, every step to justice is in the right direction.
Capricorn, you are not a burden or a problem to be solved.
Leo, this fight would be meaningless without you in it.
Sagittarius, home is the place where you don’t need to run anymore.
Gemini, living is an act of defiance; treat it accordingly.
Cancer, you cannot save anyone without first saving yourself.
Aries, do not ever believe those who tell you that you are not whole.
Taurus, violence is not the antidote, but it is also not always the poison.
Virgo, embrace every definition of resistance.
Scorpio, you are always welcome here.