Friday Poetry: Little Horoscopes for January

Once more: Happy New Year, lovelies! I hope your first days of 2016 have been beautiful & peaceful. (I, for one, have spent the majority of these past few days curled up in bed with tea & Hachii, and I think perhaps it was the best way to begin the year.)

This post is slightly late due to technical Internet-related difficulties that arose yesterday, but I have brought you some horoscopes anyway. It is such a special thing to be writing the first ones of the new year, and I hope you find some guidance in them. Or, if you are more the type to simply appreciate them as poetry—I hope you find some beauty.

(Also, slightly unrelated, but this comes up in questions quite a bit, so I thought I would address it once more: I am a Libra, just about. My birthday is on September 25th.)

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome. I will see you on Monday! xx


Little Horoscopes for January

Gemini, think of this as a hello, not a goodbye.
Virgo, there is no one who knows the language of courage quite like you do.
Scorpio, stop searching for the people who have been with you the whole time.
Taurus, you are allowed to still be growing.
Capricorn, the best thing that will ever happen to you is you.
Leo, be careful not to trip over everything you didn’t say.
Sagittarius, the universe is your canvas.
Cancer, don’t let it consume you.
Aquarius, if you have to go, at least leave love behind you.
Aries, words are the most powerful weapons you will ever wield.
Pisces, there is so much more than the story you’ve written for yourself.
Libra, if they are worth it, they will forgive you.