"The simplest story is not always the truest." (Little Horoscopes for July)

This summer is the kind with warm air & trees to dream beneath & fireflies that arise the moment the sun sinks below horizonline. Which is to say: it is the kind spent in Virginia, the most joyous (& quintessentially summer-filled) place I could imagine.

While this small sanctuary is gorgeous & soaked with so much light, it has also made me realise something rather sad: the horoscope series is coming to an end. It has been such a lovely journey to arrive at where we are today, but alas, in recent months I've been itching to stretch my wings a bit, focus on other creative endeavours that I am currently struggling to find time for. To that end, I'm retiring the horoscope series in December of 2017, & the new year of 2018 will begin with many more exciting projects ahead.

A reminder that you can support said exciting projects (& oh goodness, there are many!) as well as receive the first behind-the-scene looks into their creation, right here on Patreon. Thank you infinitely for your support, & I truly hope you enjoy what is left of this small series.


Little Horoscopes for July

Sagittarius, the simplest story is not always the truest.
Pisces, become the version of yourself that your children see in you.
Aries, sadness is not your defining trait.
Virgo, you should never have to convince them to love you.
Leo, it is just as graceful to be the poison as the antidote.
Taurus, you bring colour to every fathomable shade of grey.
Cancer, joy as performance is no joy at all.
Aquarius, find a way to phrase this hurricane into a drizzle.
Gemini, luck has nothing to do with it.
Scorpio, you’re allowed to speak openly about this & all the rest.
Capricorn, try to forgive.
Libra, you cannot do everything with grace.