Friday Poetry: Little Horoscopes for June

As you read this I am hurtling through the sky on an airplane bound for New York—but all the same, here I am (vicariously?) with the second instalment of the monthly horoscope series.

I'm having such fun writing these bite-sized horoscopes, and it is a wonderful thing to be able to stretch my astrology skills a little bit. Especially where poetry is involved. (I think everything becomes a bit more magical if one infuses poetry into it.) So do enjoy these, lovelies! As always, I would be so delighted to hear your thoughts.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone. The next time we speak, it will from New York City!

Little Horoscopes for June

Aries, keep your head close and your heart closer.
Scorpio, maintain eye contact.
Libra, the universe contains countless truths.
Aquarius, put yourself on your to-do list.
Cancer, “goodbye” is not a dirty word.
Pisces, you can be whole without the heartache.
Virgo, rewrite your rulebook.
Sagittarius, loneliness is not a virtue.
Gemini, perhaps this instant is your time.
Leo, give all of your heart-stuff away.
Capricorn, revel in the chaos of things.
Taurus, remember why.