Friday Poetry: Little Horoscopes for March

I wrote these horoscopes in twenty minutes, which I believe is a new record for me—so please do excuse any typos you may find within the lines of this piece. Alas, I am slightly in a hurry today; my father has decided that it would be prudent for us to embark upon an impromptu road trip to Malaysia to herald in spring (and end my school break!), so I will be wifi-free for the next few days. I hope you enjoy these horoscopes, though they are more hastily-written than usual as I attempt to wrap them up before I jump into the car. And I so look forward to hearing your thoughts once I am back home & able to access wifi once more.

I will see you lovelies in a few days! Have a beautiful weekend; you most certainly deserve it.


Little Horoscopes for March

Taurus, the whole universe looks on you softly.
Aries, stop being afraid that your kindness will escape you.
Gemini, of course they are proud of you.
Libra, do not fool yourself into drowning in a mirage.
Leo, it all begins when you decide you want to fight for it.
Pisces, it is time to let go of the corpses of others’ broken promises.
Sagittarius, the truth does not care what it leaves behind.
Scorpio, your wildness has never been a thing to be ashamed of.
Cancer, there is more to this life than the horizons you have already explored.
Aquarius, this thirst for something more will pay off if you hold onto it.
Virgo, love is your most powerful weakness.
Capricorn, keep growing.