Little Horoscopes for November

I do not think I have ever been as terrified as I am today.

I try to avoid talking politics on Shadows of Cats as much as possible, yet the results of the United States election have never held quite so much weight, nor so much utter horror for those outside of Donald J. Trump's circles (that is, anyone who does not fall into the category of "straight cisgendered caucasian male").

And so, tonight we mourn for those whose voices will be silenced because of this election. For all the progress that will be put backwards. For the people whose lives are at risk.

Yet even through all of this, we stand strong. We love each other. We tell our stories. We keep making art that is bold and raw and furious and real and healing, and we share it with the world. I had considered postponing November's horoscopes but I have a feeling that perhaps they are needed more today than ever before. I hope they help, in whatever small way they can.

My queer POC immigrant female darlings, America has told you tonight that no one loves you. Listen to me when I say this: I do love you. We must love each other, now more than ever. My sword is yours. Please know that my inbox is always open if you are in need of a shoulder to cry on.

And the unwritten instruction in all of these horoscopes, no matter your sign: take a deep breath, my love. Now let it out. Allow yourself to grieve for as long as you need to. And then allow yourself to fight.

Enjoy these horoscopes. They are only for you.


Little Horoscopes for November

Aquarius, you do not have to belong to your hunger.
Sagittarius, it is possible to kiss each moment and still know when to come up for air.
Cancer, joy is your birthright.
Leo, this is called softness.
Pisces, forgetting is not a synonym for healing.
Capricorn, this universe belongs to you in every capacity you will embrace it.
Taurus, you are the most beautiful tsunami.
Aries, it is not a noble thing to keep toxic people in your life.
Gemini, be kind to the aching parts of yourself.
Libra, this could be your anchor or your deadweight, but not both.
Scorpio, you are so enough, it is astounding how enough you are.
Virgo, to love is a revolution.