"Perfection is becoming boring." (Little Horoscopes for November)

After the excitement of the last few weeks, we are back to our (semi-)regularly scheduled programming on the blog with November's little horoscopes. These are the second-to-last horoscopes I'll share with you, which simultaneously saddens me (it has been three beautiful years putting these snippets of light into the world, & that's always hard to let go of) & thrills me (there is so much wonder coming up that I am absurdly excited to unveil).

As always, I hope you find some softness here to bring you through November. Please do let me know your thoughts—on your sign's horoscope this month or anything else you'd like to share—in the comments. I always adore hearing from you.

Also, thank you endlessly for all the beautiful pictures you've been sending of your gorgeous faces alongside your copies of poems for the sound of the sky before thunder, your favourite poems, & your pets cuddled up with the book! If you've purchased your copy, I'd so love to receive your pictures on social media or via email.

& in the mean time... enjoy these small horoscopes, my friends. Sending all my love & warmth to you. xx


Little Horoscopes for November

Pisces, the body is both warship & lifeboat; treat it accordingly.
Scorpio, happiness looks gorgeous on you.
Aries, don’t fear the story that starts with darkness & ends in wingbeats.
Taurus, love doesn’t have to bruise to be real.
Libra, you cannot always cure the ache by turning it into poetry.
Sagittarius, stay a little while.
Capricorn, you are whole without them.
Aquarius, try not to drown in all the things you’ve created to keep yourself afloat.
Leo, you are sweeter than a cavity.
Virgo, every word out of your mouth is art.
Gemini, perfection is becoming boring.
Cancer, drive.