"Keep your hands closed & your eyes up, not the other way around." (Little Horoscopes for October)

How are you doing this month, friends? I have been focused on the upcoming Issue IV of Half Mystic Journal as well as the launch of poems for the sound of the sky before thunder—my author copies arrived last weekend & so I've spent a slightly obscene amount of time gazing at them adoringly. Really, I never understood the magnetism of seeing one's own words in print until this book, & I doubt I will ever tire of the feeling.

If you are in Singapore, a reminder to come & hang out with me at the November 4th book launch—I would be so pleased to see you. You can also purchase copies of the book directly from my publisher's website (!). Also, please do consider becoming a Patreon sponsor of my work if you find light in it; my lovely Patreon fireflies are the ones who allow me to keep putting the majority of my art in your hands for free.

&, without further ado, here are October's little horoscopes. I hope they make a home someplace soft & warm inside of your chest. xx


Little Horoscopes for October

Aries, this is worth every ounce of the courage it takes.
Leo, second chances don’t always look the way you’d expect.
Gemini, if you cry wolf, you’d better come back leading the pack.
Cancer, not every interaction needs to be a poem.
Pisces, keep your hands closed & your eyes up, not the other way around.
Scorpio, your existence does not warrant an apology.
Taurus, it’s time to air out your most secret hiding spaces.
Aquarius, your eyes are not a window but a door.
Sagittarius, the key word in outgrow is grow.
Virgo, you are so close to the song that grounds & lifts you all at once.
Capricorn, there is room here for all your soft bright yearnings.
Libra, you do not have to be brave.