"You are as much a person in stillness as in flight." (Little Horoscopes for September)

This month I've been feeling like I'm at a standstill, both personally & professionally, & I don't quite know what to do with that. On one hand, the launch preparations for my new book poems for the sound of the sky before thunder are beginning in earnest, which thrills me—& yet, it feel as if I am in a poetic funk, a strange & prickly limbo. Yesterday, for the first time in nearly a year, I was too sad to get out of bed. My ears have been flaring to no end. There is so much ache in this place.

It felt good, then, to write September's horoscopes. In some odd way I am proud of them simply for existing, especially since they are among the last I will write. I am trying to be proud of myself for existing, as well. I hope there's something bright in that act.

Enjoy this small gift, dear friends. Please do share your thoughts with me in the comments of this post; I'd be honoured to hear it if any of these month's horoscopes (for your sign or any others) particularly resonated with you. I cannot wait to hear from you. xx


Little Horoscopes for September

Taurus, now more than ever you must not go gentle.
Gemini, sometimes all of the loveliest things arrive at all of the ugliest times.
Aries, you are as much a person in stillness as in flight.
Capricorn, it is a sore & bruising thing to pledge allegiance to a grudge.
Leo, you can learn to live without anything, just as you learned to live with it.
Aquarius, these moments of tenderness deserve to be cradled.
Virgo, your suffering does not need validation.
Libra, you cannot always be the versions of yourself in your poetry.
Cancer, kindness & ambition are not mutually exclusive.
Sagittarius, don’t forget your keys or your gods on the way out the door.
Scorpio, your capacity for wonder is beautiful & astounding.
Pisces, you belong to nothing.