Friday Poetry: "Icarus' Lament"

This week's poem was partially inspired by Christina Im, who has this lovely line on her website that I shamelessly stole and wrote a piece off of. (To my credit, I've been thinking about it for the past week and I thought I would implode if I didn't turn it into... something!) It was originally a love poem, but then it morphed into something rather different. I'm not entirely sure I love the results, but oh well, it is something indeed!

As always, thoughts & impressions & feedback are welcome. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend. I'll see you all on Monday. x

Icarus' Lament

this is what hope looks like:
sparrows teetering, fluttering on the horizon.
you with your streetlight fingers, lighting the way 
back home. all the wrong things said in all the 
right ways. the place where the sky becomes 
weary and, all at once, ceases to exist –

oh, but what do you know of oceans?
no more than sparrows, surely, the ones
who craved the wind and found a saltwater sting
instead. this is what hope looks like: two
different somethings turn into an everything
when they learn how not to fear the soft blue. 

maybe there never was a wrong way to exist.
maybe your heartbeat holds more courage than 
the sky knows how to put into words. 

this is what hope looks like:
the raw and windy way sparrows say I love you.
the final song before the fall.