[Insert Confetti Showers Here]

Here is a list of thoughts I have been entertaining lately about certainty & doubt & success & failure & the infinite wonder of humanity. These all found their way into my notebooks at one point or another—with no particular rhyme or reason, but fitting together all the same. Such is the nature of the universe, I suppose.

It is so easy to be too hard on ourselves. I am beginning to think I do it far too often. I am beginning to think you probably do, too.

My first draft is not equal to your final draft. And vice versa.

Valleys are just as important as mountains, but I think we may have forgotten how to celebrate the tiny triumphs during the former. Sometimes it is not such a bad thing to make mountains out of molehills.

Every good day counts, but the bad ones do not make you a failure.

Sometimes, getting out of bed is enough.

Celebrating small successes is not a waste at all. Parties are never a bad thing - even if they are only one-man dance parties in the shelter of one's room - and I have been passing up far too many opportunities for cake.

There are universes nestled inside of your little finger, but it is okay if you're still learning how to unleash them. It simply means you are becoming who you will be.

The space between certainty and doubt could fill an ocean, but oceans are noticeably smaller than universes.

We so often forget to embrace our own loveliness.

Being human is a rather large and momentous thing. I think perhaps it is time we (re)learn how to celebrate it. (Confetti optional, but strongly recommended.)