Introducing Half Mystic's New Staff Members

And the story keeps growing. It is difficult to put into words how ecstatic I am to introduce two new players who will, perhaps, steer it in directions I never would have thought to explore on my own. And so - may I have the absolute pleasure of bringing in Christina Im and Priya Bryant, the newest members of the Half Mystic team.

Perhaps you will recognise Christina, who brought to life my wonderful first voyage into the world of literary magazines, The Teacup TrailI think it's only fitting that we're working together on a new kind of magic now, don't you?

Christina emailed me to apply for a position of her own creation - one that I had not anticipated when Half Mystic was first born, but what is this if not an exercise in experimentation? And so, we now have an interview correspondent to bring together musical figures from across the internet and hear what makes their souls tick. I have no doubt that Christina will be perfectly suited for the job.

And Priya - a new friend, one whose application spilled over with musical enchantment. One of the most nervewracking parts of all this, I've found, is wondering whether the people working on Half Mystic with me are as head-over-heels in love with music as I am. Somehow I don't think this will at all be an issue here.

Priya is our blog correspondent; she will be working together with Christina to create content for the Half Mystic blog, in the form of blog posts while Christina tackles interviews. Truly, I am so in awe of music journalists - after all, how does one distill such a reckless form of art into words? - and Priya has the incredible job of spreading all of that musical love to Half Mystic's readers.

I must say, it has been such a difficult job narrowing down the applications - and there are still more to come! - but I can confirm that I could not have hoped for better teammates than Christina & Priya. I am ridiculously lucky to have their help, to watch this small lovely thing bloom into something far greater.

It will be quite glorious. That, I'm becoming more and more sure of.

(apply as a staff member for Half Mystic // submit writing & music to Issue I: Allegro)