Thursday, December 28th / Half Mystic's Issue IV: Grazioso

What an incredible night. Thank you all infinitely for the light & warmth you brought me & the HM team this December 28th during launch of Half Mystic Journal’s Issue IV: Grazioso. I've always known how brightly this community of songbirds shines, but it was another thing altogether to see you in person—the support you showered on each of the scheduled performers & open mic readers was stunning, ethereal, so many definitions of melody. Thank you for filling BooksActually’s tiny space with your voices, for joining the HM team in our celebration of light as we waved goodbye to the grazioso era & to 2017. Everything blurred & full of wonder, every song like a prayer, like a poem, like a ray of light, a creature caught mid-bloom. & love, love, love, so much of it, tender & immeasurable, rose-lit & whispering against every surface. I am so grateful.

If you haven’t purchased your copy of Issue IV yet, you should remedy that soon (we’re very close to selling out!). Thank you especially to the five gorgeous writers & musicians who came on the 28th to grace us with their work—Jonathan Meur, Daphne Tan, Cyril Wong, Joshua Ip, & Natalie Wee—as well as Kenny Leck & the BooksActually team for providing us the space to showcase our creation. Happy Issue IV, friends. I & the team adore you.