Friday Poetry: "Lifeline"

I'm not sure whether I love this piece... it is is quite vague, for lack of a better word, and the relationship between these two people is largely left up to the reader's interpretation. I'm interested in hearing what you think.

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend, everyone. xx



he is a jumble of paradoxes:
sleek hard sharp sharp edges
angles jutting out, and of course hitting you
because you of all people are fool enough
to stand in his way.


you’re afraid of tomorrow and he
can’t seem to escape from yesterday,
so your jagged edges fit together in
a way that you don’t quite understand.


he acts like stone but shatters like glass
and you fall hard for him because you see
shards of a broken heart in his eyes
and it reminds you too much of yourself.


despite everything, he feels right:
and his world is falling from his grasp
so he latches onto you because even though
he knows you’re drowning too, he thinks
maybe you’re the one who will
throw him the lifeline.


on the bad days, the sky’s edges crumble
and he is the only word you can say without
screaming, and all of this was a mistake,
but if it means you almost forget how it feels
to have every single breath be a knife in your chest,
then it’s the best mistake you’ve ever made.


you count your scars when you
think no one is looking, but he asks you
later why you would want to fix what isn’t
broken, and you don’t say anything because
you are terrified that he genuinely does not know.


(and you are terrified because
you could ask him the same question)


there are so many words you want
to say to him, but they catch in your throat
so you settle for I love you instead,
because no matter how many
times you tell him,
it seems like he never truly hears it.