"Lightning / Hunger" (a reading for you)

Something slightly different for you today...

Perhaps you recall that, earlier this year, I spent a gorgeous, softly-lit week in Miami, courtesy of the National YoungArts Foundation, with 160 other young artists, learning from today's most prestigious writers of the craft & business of creation. It was a week full of so much brilliance that it is (somewhat ironically) difficult for me to express with words.

Perhaps you also remember that, at the end of National YoungArts week, I performed one of the pieces that had brought me to Miami in the first place. A small loud swerving poem entitled "Lightning / Hunger".

I am so happy & proud to announce that the reading is on Youtube now. Watching it is rather nervewracking, but makes my chest ache in the best way to remember the magic we created in Miami this January.

I hope you enjoy this performance, loves. If you'd like to see the full text, it is right here.

Enjoy. xo