Friday Poetry: "Listen"

Hello my loves! This week's Friday poem is one I wrote in the US; it is completely fictional, but I do rather love the sense of hope in the middle of despair that it conveys. I'd love to hear how you think I did with interpreting that aching soaring theme. Have a lovely weekend, everyone! xx


the clouds are silent tonight.

take a deep breath and open your eyes
because the storm has stalled
and you and I both know that we
cannot hide from the rain forever,
but for now push that all away
and look up:

because whispering starlight speaks
louder than crashing thunder, and
tonight we will smooth out the velvet
folds of darkness and let heaven’s secrets
drop straight into our laps,

and let’s forget just for a moment
that the rain is hiding just around the corner
that when dawn breaks, so will the clouds
that there is nowhere left to run—

let’s escape just for a moment,
because tonight, the moon is shimmering silver
and perhaps wishes belong in fairytales,
but tonight is a fairytale in itself, so
let us throw our wishes to the silver moon
because we have nothing now to lose

listen to the night, you told me once,
and now we must listen harder than ever before –
because the rain is close, and you know
that once the storm breaks, 

so will we.

but that is tomorrow—
and tonight, the clouds are silent, so darling,
let us turn our faces to the whispering stars
let us throw our wishes to the shimmering moon

and above all,
let us listen.