Mild Acts of Mayhem / Songs for April

This month's mixtape comes rather late, for which I hope you doves will forgive me. As you know, I've been travelling to the United States these past few weeks on my final university visits before I make my choice. It's a nervewracking thing, but exhilarating all the same. I always forget what winter feels like until I'm here in the midst of it, & this sharp-singing wind, this surrender to ice feels so much like home.

I'm also meeting a great many readers while I'm here, which has been, unsurprisingly, the brightest experience imaginable. It has taught me about values & priorities & what’s really important—when someone sits across from you & tells you that your words have saved their life, you start to realise college & the way your eyebrows look don’t matter so much. Thank you as always, dear friends, for making space for me in your hearts.

A quick note before I leave—my publishers are having a 40% off sale for these next two days, if you have not purchased my new book yet. It's right here, & you can get the discount with the code MPP40. Enjoy.

April's mixtape contains a few songs I've been listening to on repeat in these blue skied wintry travel days. I hope you find some light it. Sending all my love to you from this cold & gorgeous country. xx