Making Fools of All the Neighbours / Songs for August

Hello from the depths of August! My gap year is starting in earnest now, & I'm doing my best not only to work on all of my various glowing business-related projects but also to immerse myself in learning new skills that have nothing to do with my career—cross country running, kickboxing, notebook making, flower pressing, watercolour painting. The year is waning to its close, shrinking from our grasp, & I am trying not to let it go until it's well & truly finished. What activities should I try that help you still & inhale the moment?

My hyperacusis is acting up more than usual this month, so I haven't been listening to as much music as I generally like to do. Still, though, Florence & the Machine's new album High as Hope & the singles "God is a Woman" from Ariana Grande & "Call Me Sir" from Train are keeping me warm. I've been on a slight oldies kick as well—lots of Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Queen. I have a whole playlist of them right here, but for now, August's mix is a range of throwbacks & new / soft / indie jams.

Enjoy these songs, dear friends, & have a gorgeous month ahead. xx