All Wine & Inkwater / Songs for December

December is always a hard month. I’ve been irrationally sad lately, exhausted for no particular reason, unable to step on cracks, anxious like a fist in my throat. There are many Half Mystic releases this month—new episodes of our podcast, Issue VI: Interlude in three (!!) days—which brings much-needed light to these static-sharp times. Everything morphs into something else: this sadness will pass, but right now it feels I am discovering shades of ache I hadn’t even realised existed.

December’s mix is a haphazard mix of songs; I can’t fathom any recognisable pattern but I hope you find something to love here anyway, even if your days feel far from merry & bright. I am thinking, today, of this Heather Havrilesky quote:

Well, I’m not telling that story anymore. I’m loud because the world is broken. When someone acts like my light is hurting them, I say, “Your story was built to keep you safe from the truth. That’s okay for you. But I’m tired of pretending.”

Thank you for being here, my loves. Enjoy this mix.