In Love With a Stranger / Songs for January

This January has been a slow one: after the launch of Half Mystic Journal’s Issue VI: Interlude, I am laying low, frequenting new bookshops & cafés, watching films at home with my family, people-watching at home with my family. Eating when I am hungry. Trying 2019 on for size like a dress, a life.

This month’s mix has a few lovely acoustic renditions of recent popular music (“All Time Low”, “I Don’t Wanna Know”, “Fresh Eyes”), some tender & yearning indie music (“Be My Mistake”, “It Will Come Back”), a couple of oldies (“I’ve Got a Crush On You”, “Venus”, “Gotta Get You Into My Life”), & some lush & soaring pieces from lesser-known artists (“Feel It All”, “Taxi”).

Dear friend, I hope your heart is full this month—of music, of coffee shops, of family, of hope, of the bright fresh newness of 2019. I love you.