Tired of Being Brave / Songs for June

Happy June, dear friends! I'm rather proud of this month's mix—I have been playing it on repeat for the past week or so, & I foresee no end to that trend for the rest of this month. Particularly I am loving Neon Trees' "1983" & WALK THE MOON's "Avalanche" from this playlist, though all of the songs hold a bright spot in my heart.

In case you missed my first sold-out reading (!) on the 29th at Mandarin Gallery, here some photographs. (I believe you can find more on Facebook if you search "Insert Atomic Name Here", the name of the event, but don't quote me on that.) Also this month: I graduate from high school, Half Mystic Journal's Issue V: Cadenza comes out, I will be travelling to the US once again to visit family & work on a new book. 

Watch this space for more information on the Issue V: Cadenza launch! I believe it will be sometime around the end of this month or early July, & as always, it will be free & open to the public. More soon.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this small mix of songs I have loved lately. Sending all my warmth to you to hurry Spring out of her hibernation. xo