Sleep On the Floor, Dream About Me / Songs for March

I’m in Oxford at the moment surrounded by wind & smoke & the in-betweens of bright chapped skin. I’m sitting in many small coffee shops & working my way through André Aciman’s Call Me By Your Name (I know, it took me forever, but it’s finally happening)—thinking of lines like we had the stars, you & I, & this is given once only—running into readers in the oddest of places, the loveliest most cerulean ways. I’m trying to hold onto what is left of this Europe trip, emblazon it into my memory, my soul, like a harmony that rests always on the tip of my tongue, never quite forgotten, thinking this happened, I was here, don’t lose this.

March’s mixtape contains the songs that have accompanied me through all these brilliant ephemeral things, proof of this, proof of me, proof of a moment, the stars given once only. I so hope you enjoy it. I love you endlessly.