An Intolerable Tenderness / Songs for May

Can you believe it's already May? Mostly this month so far has been spent marvelling over the wonder of this news, & drinking copious amounts of mint-&-strawberry infused water, & answering reader emails & letters, & thinking about all the ways I want to be so much more than I am. &, of course, listening to music.

Here is this month's mix for your enjoyment, containing quite a few live acoustic songs (I've absolutely been loving listening to my favourite artists' Spotify sessions—"St. Clarity" & "Shape of You" come to mind) as well as a smattering of pop ("He'll Never Love You" & "Locked Away", because we all need something to dance to) & a couple of classics ("Scarborough Fair" & "Not in Nottingham", anyone?) You can have a listen below. I truly hope you find some light in it.