Double Publication News: Phosphene & -Ology

I must apologise for the lateness of these announcements, but I am ridiculously delighted to tell you all that while I was away in New York, two absolutely beautiful independent publications - Phosphene and -Ology literary journals - released issues, both featuring pieces of mine. The editor-in-chief of Phosphene, Hannah Miao, originally contacted me soliciting a submission, and after exploring the magazine, I knew I couldn't refuse. It's a gorgeous journal focused on publishing work by young writers - which I believe is so important in a world that has the unfortunate tendency of overlooking those whose talent is preceded by their age.

My flash fiction piece How to Talk to Imaginary Things was published in the inaugural issue (hooray for new independent journals!); you can find it on page 52.

I stumbled upon -Ology rather on accident - it was one of those gems nestled in the unassuming ground of my Tumblr feed, and I'm so happy that I found it. The theme for the second issue, chiaroscuro, is something that has always resonated so wholly in me, and it felt a bit like a small nudge from the universe. And so, I'm thrilled to share that my poem Midnight Letters was published in Issue II; you can find it on page 12.

My dear friend Christina Im submitted a piece that was also featured: Still Life with Broken Hearts, which can be found on page 18. It is utterly and beautifully breathtaking, as are all the pieces in the journal. You know how they say that one should always aim to be the least talented person in any team? I can most certainly confirm it in this case.

As you lovelies know, I have such a deep admiration & love for the literary journal tradition (er, so much that I started one of my own), and it's so wonderful to support them further through submitting my own work. Please do read & enjoy the work in these brave, beautiful issues - they are overflowing with magic, and they're more than worth your love. xx