"My love is a revolution." (a poem for you)

I am sorry for falling off the face of the earth this week. Depression has been rearing its ugly head, as it tends to do; no particular trigger this time, but simply one of those weeks. As it is, I've been struggling slightly to keep up with all of my IRL commitments, so I hope you'll forgive me if blogging fell to the wayside.

Here is a poem for you, though, as some kind of respite from the storm brewing inside. Inspired by Anita Ofokansi's gorgeous "Love, Gravity, and Other Forces"; I have been wanting to write a poem based off of this piece for quite some time, so I'm glad I finally got the chance to do so.

This one is titled Rabbit Love, Lion Love. As always, I would be so happy to hear your thoughts & comments. I will see you doves on Monday... & here's to what will hopefully turn out to be a better week. xx


Rabbit Love, Lion Love

my love is a thing that breathes.
it growls. it is hungry
and too scared to ask for seconds.
my love does not want to be an in-between.
it loses my keys and my heart in equal measure.
my love tumbles headfirst on accident
and then watches its step next time.
my love is a times new roman double-spaced research paper
on the heart rate of a boy who does not know how to love it back.
it is still learning how not to be the smoky-soft apology
I’ve almost given thirty-one times before.
my love is the dawn-time buzz of too much coffee
and a good morning text.
my love keeps laughing long after everybody else has stopped.
love like a skinned knee.
love like a too-short thunderstorm.
love like the first time I said yes
and meant it.
my love tumbles headfirst off the playground swings
on purpose.
my love is a revolution. nothing more
and—it is learning—
certainly nothing less.