Shattering Stigmas: Scientific Theory of Lost Girl

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To be quite honest, I rarely write poems centred around mental illness.

This is not to say mental illness is not present in every single thing I write—I can assure you it most certainly is—yet it appears much of the time in metaphor, twisted into obscure reference, more shadow & undertone than anything else. The sort of thing only those who know me best could possibly scoop out of its depths.

My therapist tells me this is not a healthy thing. That I must learn to confront mental illness in words, which have always been the outlet of my soul. That it is the only way to know my monsters well enough to conquer them.

& so: here is the first step, I suppose.

It is a poem for you. Still enormously metaphorical, as my poems tend to be. But, I hope, clear in meaning.

Perhaps it may help with the healing.


Scientific Theory of Lost Girl

speak of girl as unused muscle(treats herself as separate atoms,
the time it takes for a body to relearn shades of geometry)

all the cosmos she does not know(satellites like man-made stars)
girl as rare mineral(as newton’s third law of motion)speak of girl

as odyssey of the digestive system(cells constricting,
sharp objects in her throat, a name that is not in latin)

finds herself somewhere between pluto and an
imaginary number(is she still real if those around her

deny it?)find the girl like apollo 13(no more ground control to
call back home)like untied double helix(or the square root of

yearning)plotting the repopulation of every single town
that has suffered(the nuclear war in her lungs)

girl comes home to downward spiral(call it marinas trench
call it plotting angles too far below the surface)

smiles in the way of radians smiles in the way of lies(and falls
through tender oxygen and the ice)