Friday Poetry: "Serendipity / Conviction"

Yesterday I did something which has long been on my bucket list: I wrote poetry, on demand, for two hours straight.  It was... fascinating. Truly, nothing like I had ever experienced before; I only had about fifteen to twenty minutes to pen each piece, a far cry from my usual three-to-four-hour process. In the end, I believe I wrote thirteen pieces for various wanderers. It was a feat of endurance, surely - but one I adored like no other. Afterwards I went home & curled up & slept for too long (which is, I admit, why Friday Poetry is late this week).

So I thought that today I might share one of the mad-dash-whirlwind pieces with you. This does not have a proper title, I'm afraid—only the two words which one of our "customers" provided to spin the poem off of. They were serendipity and conviction.

So here it is: written in fifteen minutes, I will remind you, so please don't judge too hard if you find it monstrously horrible :)

Have a beautiful weekend, my loves! I cannot wait to hear your thoughts.


Serendipity / Conviction

we rose in earth-bound balm, & i knew the galaxies
only by her eyes. the names of stars cupped in her
palms, honeydew quiet in our aching wounds.
she stepped across inches & lightyears. i washed
want from my skin, fixated on how many dawns left
for us to savour, how many stars left to tangle
from the sky. tiptoe left, right—i did not know of
parallel universes until i found a soul which fit,
handprint perfect, into mine. sunset stained horizon.
harmless fire. cracks of moon in the grass, the ground
shimmering with fallen light. i sang into the way of
tightrope sky, & the serendipity of longing: my body,
& how i learned to fall in love with it only when
it found hers across dark-tender. that conviction
in loneliness. but more: in the ending of lonely. so close
from three planets away, & so far when her lips hovered
breathless over mine. i know of no miracle except for
the universe & her. so i whispered it, soft but only truer
in the softness, soft so the earth rumbled below & stars
shot down just to listen: you are here, & i am here,
& for now it is enough. for now, only this is enough.