"Instead of sexting, have you tried sending her a box of cinnamon buns?" (a poem for you)

Today has been a bit of a funk, both mentally & physically... & so I thought a new poem on the blog would be just the thing to soothe the soul. This one is a silly bright home-spun little ditty written for this year's On-Demand Poetry booth at my high school in April—the prompt was "cinnamon buns", & having just read my dear friend Lydia Havens' gorgeous poem on a similar theme, I thought I'd write a piece based on that.

Happy Sunday, friends. Tell the one you love that you love her, & eat a cinnamon bun for me, won't you? xx


Instead of Sexting
after Lydia Havens

have you tried sending her a box
of cinnamon buns? Have you tried asking
for her sun sign & spending the next month
checking her horoscope before yours? Have
you tried buying her a Hallmark greeting
card that says it’s your lucky day, & beneath
that writing I love you! Instead of sexting,
have you tried yelling at spring to get
your ass over here
so she doesn’t have to
wear her winter coat for much longer?
Have you tried sending a carrier pigeon
with hello, I’m desperately in love with you
attached to its leg & hoping she doesn’t
think you’re a furry? Have you tried
telapathy? Time travel? Touch? Have
you tried sending her pressed wildflowers?
Have you tried realising how much time
& patience it takes to press wildflowers
& deciding to settle for sending her a
dozen flower bouquet emojis? Instead
of sexting, have you tried a message
in a bottle? A voicemail on her mother’s
answering machine? A telegram? A
postcard from the city where your
grandparents met but you've never
visited? A video of the year’s first sunrise?
An email to her spam address? A playlist
consisting solely of Sufjan Stevens’
“Mystery of Love” 60 times over?
Instead of sexting, have you tried reading
her favourite book? Her tarot? Her sock
drawer? Her palm? Her laugh? Instead
of sexting, have you tried building her
a city, or at least a terrarium? Have you
tried tracing her genealogy of
forgiveness? Have you tried
being kind to waiters in her
presence? Have you tried
listening? Have you tried
memory? Have you tried