Snapshots | August 31st

I am sort of kicking myself, because I just realised I missed Friday Poetry for two weeks in a row— and I haven't been writing much poetry in between, either. I feel a bit empty, honestly. (See? Let this be a cautionary tale—this is what happens when a writer doesn't write enough!) I think the reason might be because we recently moved my therapist appointments to Friday right after school, whereas they used to be over the weekend. It's a slight issue, since I mostly leave these sessions feeling rather drained and exhausted and weepy, and not in the mood for writing much poetry.

So this is not exactly a sustainable schedule; I'm thinking I may have to start writing the poems during the week instead (which is also a bit tough, since I write best late late late at night, but what can you do, right?). If you lovelies have any other suggestions, I'd be so happy to hear them—I certainly don't want to stop Friday Poetry, but I also don't want to keep missing out on it, so it's a conundrum!

Other than that, I have no shame whatsoever in saying that I spent the majority of my weekend marathoning the Captain America films, reading copious amounts of fanfiction, crying over Bucky Barnes, marvelling at the utter and complete badassery that is Peggy Carter, and generally being a stereotypical fangirl. Also, no one can tell me Steve and Bucky are not ridiculously in love.

(I think it is important for my well-being to occasionally devolve into this state. I get restless when I am in need of a good Marvel binge!)

A medley of things that made me smile over the weekend: Alyssa of The Devil Orders Takeout wrote a lovely post in which she mentioned both Half Mystic and Six Impossible Things, because she is a gem; these tiny starfields are so beautifully calming that they've become my go-to solution for anxiety attacks; 40 inspirational speeches in two minutes, in case you're in need of a pick-me-up (can you recognise them all? I could only place about ten).

And how was your weekend, lovelies? xx