Snapshots | December 4th

Happy December, lovelies. I'm a little bit shocked that it's this time of year already—we have entered into my favourite month by far, but unfortunately, also one of the most stressful. Exams are upon us in two short weeks (and I have been frantically cramming for those, so I do hope you'll forgive me for taking a break from Friday Poetry this week).

On the mental health front, my anxiety has been soaring this past week, which is rather difficult. My therapist and I have been speaking about possibly going on medication for depression and anxiety—she thinks that since this has continued with only slight improvement for bordering on two years now, we might possibly make faster progress with therapy if we are aided by medication.

At the moment, I'm really sort of torn—one part of me is shying away from the side effects that come with meds, but another just wants to get better, in any way possible. I'm going to discuss with my parents this weekend; I will let you know when there is more to speak of on that.

Writing wise: NaNoWriMo is over! If you caught my jubilant-yet-exhausted tweet, you'll know that I did indeed manage to win, which I am very much proud of. After a few days of reflection, I'm thinking NaNo isn't really for me—the fast pace does not mesh so well with my slow-and-steady style—but all the same, it was a beautiful experience, and I think I am a better writer for it. (And one manuscript heavier, no less!)

I have some wonderful news, as well: I was fortunate enough to be shortlisted in Write The World's novel-writing contest for Fragments of Auroramy NaNo novel! I am so absolutely humbled—and bowled over to be compared to one of my personal storytelling heroines, Scheherazade. What an honour.

What's more, there is further incredible news!

This is something that I have been itching to share with you, because I am still sort of pinching myself and wondering how I found myself in such an extraordinary situation. There is not enough room in this post to express my utter excitement, but suffice to say: there is news coming. Big news. News you will not want to miss.

(And, of course, I will be revealing all on the blog on Monday. But in the meantime, I have a consolation: my newsletter lovelies will be receiving all of the information this weekend, simply because I am far too excited to wait for three days to speak about it. If you are not yet part of the madness, well—I think now would be quite a fantastic time to join in.)

And how was your first week of Christmas? (Do people call it that? Well, no matter. They do now. ;)) Please do drop in the comments; I would love to hear about it. xx