Snapshots | February 9th

Rather shockingly, I am alive and kicking—at least enough to write this post—after that monstrous bout of fever! I have spent most of the Chinese New Year weekend in bed, but I have gained permission to venture out into the world, which is quite a relief. Mostly I have been reading things (I'm currently reading Sarah Ruhl's 100 Essays I Don't Have Time to Write; such a fascinating set of meditations on life and theatre and storytelling, especially recommended for actors & playwrights) and watching films (I saw The Breakfast Club and cried hard enough for my fever to spike a few degrees), but in between: I have indeed been getting work done!

Half Mystic is falling into place; submissions are rolling in, especially for music, which is really quite wonderful. I have been hard at work on the new website, as well; our aim is to spotlight our blog posts more, and I think we are certainly reaching that. I am so excited to unveil it for you.

In addition, I am working on a small side project—a literary magazine at our school. It has been dormant for a few years, but I am joining the team to help bring it back to life once more. It is always fun to work on literary magazines, and though I don't have a large hand in it (mostly I am the advisor, since I have some experience on the staff of several magazines), I am looking forward to seeing it come to life.

And finally—perhaps the most exciting thing—I am headed off to England!! Perhaps you will remember that last year I went to Cebu as part of a school trip, and this is the same program— but instead, I am travelling to London as part of a theatre program. I absolutely cannot wait for it; we will be seeing four or five shows as well as going to behind the scenes to quite a few, and it will be so wonderful. I will be leaving on Saturday evening, and I am counting down the hours!

And how have you lovelies been? We have not gotten a chance to speak in quite awhile, and so I would love to know what stories I have missed. Please do let me know in the comments—I am so very excited to hear about it. xx