Snapshots | July 13th

It is getting to the point in summer vacation where I constantly have to remind myself what day it is. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing, except that I almost didn't write this post because I was 100% convinced it was still Sunday. Oops.)

This weekend has been a rather uneventful one, I have to say - mostly I went to various coffee shops with various books and read the sunshine away. Currently I'm reading Erik Larson's In the Garden of Beasts; if you know me at all, you know that he is one of my top ten favourite authors of all time, and I shove his books into the faces of anyone who will listen. Also, into the faces of many people who don't listen.

(Speaking of which: have you read his book The Devil in the White City? If not, we can't be friends.) (No, I'm joking. Of course we can be friends. As soon as you read the book.)

My sister made hot chocolate yesterday, which I find rather hilarious, considering it's still 38 degrees celsius out—for my Americans and other Fahrenheit-following lovelies, that is face-meltingly hot. Still, she is doggedly proud of her secret recipe, and so that is the story of how I found myself drinking hot chocolate in the middle of a drought in Singapore. (Perhaps I can convince her to learn how to make iced chocolate? Must look into that.)

Oh! Here is a good thing that happened: I actually posted selfies on Tumblr! This is sort of exhilarating, since the whole depression thing has ensured that my self-esteem levels are falling off the face of the earth. I'm probably unreasonably proud of myself for following through with it, but considering a month ago I wouldn't have dreamt of taking a selfie, let alone posting it online—I think I will simply raise a toast to progress.

So that was my weekend! This week holds some exciting posts—I have double (!!!) publication news to share, a new playlist coming, and other lovely things.

How has life been treating you lately, then? Let's chat in the comments section—I would love to hear about it. xx