Ah, it's Friday at last! I drew a slight blank on what to write for this week's Friday Poetry—so I decided to phone a friend for a prompt. The only guideline I gave him was that it had to begin with J, so after much deliberation, he advised me to write a piece based around the theme of "justice".

This is what I came up with. It's called “Symphony”and although it perhaps isn't based upon a very conventional idea of justice, I do enjoy how it turned out. What do you think? I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday. xx


you deserve to have your voice heard.

—you deserve to have your symphony of sound
gushing from deep within the unassuming silence
that has surrounded you for so long,
through the layers of secrets and shyness that
you cannot bring yourself to break through
and the walls built around yourself that
you have always assumed to be soundproof—

you deserve your song
to echo through the earth and the heavens
and even far, far beyond that

and this much I know: that if the world might listen
to the screaming beaming scheming dreamer
hidden underneath the shell
that binds you to everlasting muteness
it might become just a little bit brighter
through the ray of light you bring to it,

and if all the people rushing obliviously
into empty smiles and crooked promises
might stop for just a single moment and
think to listen to those hiding in the shadows
oh, the things they might hear from the people
whose minds they had always imagined
to be the stillest of all

but you sit, ever hushed, ever watching
and the truths and the lies catch in your throat
just short of careening out of your mind
and tumbling into existence, shattering
the shrieking shouting ignorance that
perpetually surrounds you

and still you say nothing, even as
your symphony sings out its desperate longing
to have some audience beyond the armour
that shields your heart so carefully 

and you silence it
and instead
look around at the oblivious world
and, unnoticed, bring out
a battered notebook and a cheap black pen
and bend your head over the flowing blank pages
close your eyes, hear the music 
cascading through your soul

and you let the poetry sing for you.