Discussion: Do You Let People in Real Life Read Your Blog?

Hey everyone!

Today was a lot better than yesterday, thank goodness. I got through the school day, mostly - I kind of felt myself drifting away at lunchtime, but I pulled myself together by the end of last period, and I was able to have a lovely afternoon taking the metro downtown and wandering around one of Singapore's many parks with my book + some homework. It was surprisingly relaxing, actually!

Today's post is on a topic I've been thinking about for awhile, especially with the recent mental health developments. It's pretty obvious that I'm very open with my family, my friends, my counselling, and my personal life on Six Impossible Things - it helps me to write out my thoughts on the blog, and I think (hope!) you guys like reading about it as well.

However, it's extremely rare for me to actually give my blog URL to people I know in real life.

It sounds a little weird, I know - I mean, technically, everybody in the world can see Six Impossible Things. It's not as if it's a private blog or anything, and certainly, many of the people who leave regular comments and whom I've established close relationships with found me, not the other way around.

But I've always believed there to be a certain level of intimacy that comes from giving this blog to other people. It's not as if I go around talking about the fact that I'm writing a book or that I get intensely sad sometimes - I mean, those aren't exactly normal topics of conversation. Here, though, there's a barrier that's taken down, perhaps by the relative anonymity of the internet or perhaps because I'm talking at you guys instead of having a two-way conversation. (At first, that is - once the comments come, it does morph into somewhat of a conversation!)

Taking down that barrier is a big step, especially for someone who's comparing the way I act in real life to the way I talk on the blog. There's always a level of anxiety: will they see too much of a disparity? Will they judge me? Will they get weirded out by all these topics I never really talk about IRL?

I've asked most of my friends not to read the blog, with the possible exception of two very close ones. I've requested that my family not read it as well, though I'm not quite sure whether they actually honour that! None of my teachers know that I have this. The blog is my little space away from everybody else, and it's something I guard pretty fiercely.

But I would love to know - what about you guys? Are you as private with your blog as I am? Do you share it solely with people you know IRL? What are your thoughts on this topic? Let's have a discussion!

love, Topaz