love lives bot

Introducing the Love Lives Bot

Friends, I'm infinitely excited to share with you today a new project I've been working on for the past few months, a piece of digital art built of pixels & language & data & want. Introducing the Love Lives Bot, a tiny Twitter-based robot that tracks & shares past, present, & future locations where love resides.

The Love Lives Bot is part programme & part poetry, built using generative grammar that spins computer code into the odd, the tragic, & the beautiful. It dances on the boundary between coding & human language. All those yearning for love need search no more. She's right here. She's awake. She's waiting for you with open arms.

Ideas for where love should live next? Follow @lovelivesbot on Twitter & send it a DM or @ reply for the chance to see love in your favourite place. Feel free also to like or retweet posts. The robot is small but its code evolves with every new suggestion. It's ambient & transient & becoming. Just like love herself, it discovers new wonders every day. xx