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Vanitas: poems of love & mortality

"the darkness is coming, / please, how can i escape — / a voice with no soul whispers / call it by name,"

Friends, I have some enormously exciting news for you today! For the past few weeks, I have been working hard on a project in collaboration with a group of my dearest friends: an anthology of poems on love & death & beauty as terror.

I’m to tell you that after weeks of work: the project is out now!

It is anthology of poetry written by myself and nine others, centred around the theme of vanitas: an art style popular in the Netherlands that examines death as an inevitability, and the pursuit of human achievements as rather trivial in the face of all that the universe holds. It is truly a fascinating theme to work with—especially for a soul like my own, so immersed in the beauty of smaller wonders. To look back and weave both coldness and comfort into the idea that all of this will mean nothing in the end is a challenge I had such a beautiful time tackling.

I hope I have not disappointed. And I know that the other poets have spun words that made me tremble in my own smallness.

You may pick up the collection for free—including a never-before-seen piece written by myself, entitled “Reaper”right here.

If we cannot live forever, at least the poetry will remain still, if only to bring us back, if only to guide us home. If our actions are trivial in the end, at least the darkness holds the words we found comfort in when the light turned blinding. Beauty exists as much in death as in wanting.

This is the spirit of vanitas. This is the legacy we are leaving behind. 

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