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Six Impossible Things: Reader Survey 2016

Popping into this small space to share with you lovelies that the blog's first annual reader survey is live now. If you read & enjoyed Six Impossible Things in 2016, I would truly love if you took a few minutes to fill out the survey & share with me your favourite & least favourite parts of the things I created for you last year. It is short & anonymous... & helps me immensely in understanding what to bring to you now that a fresh year is opening its soft eyes.

Here is where you may take Six Impossible Things' 2016 reader survey.

Coming soon to the blog... a lil furious bloody poem called "Witch In Red", an essay on the undervalued loveliness in letter-writing, horsocopes for February, publications in gorgeous new journals. It is all happening.

But for now... only a reflection on the year behind so that we might look with open hearts to the year ahead.

Thank you so much, firefly, for taking the time to let me know your thoughts. It is the greatest gift I could hope for. I love you. xx