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Fearless Part 3: Fearless

Hi everyone! I've kind of been stumbling through today because I'm so insanely tired. :P I'm so happy that tomorrow's a Friday - I plan on getting some major editing work done! Speaking of which, I'm putting aside the climax of FH at the moment while I wait for comments from my critique group; sometimes it helps me to leave it for a couple of days and then go back again and see where I can improve. Mostly just continuing with beta reader comments in terms of editing for today... I'll let you guys know if anything really major comes up!

Part 3 of Fearless is finished and posted on Wattpad - this is the final part, so after this I'll be going back to posting Paper Wings more often! Yay! :D I've gotten very mixed opinions on this part, so I'd love to hear what you guys think about it as well - the people I've showed it to tend to have quite a love-or-hate reaction to it. The author's note is at the end too, just as a side thing if you want to check out the inspiration behind the story. Plus, on a totally different and slightly random note, I've posted 200 times on this website! (This is my 201st post.) Good times, man. Good times. ;)

love, Topaz