The Sun is Coming Through: A Mix for a Waking-Up World

Hi lovelies!

As of mid-March, spring has officially sprung! I must admit I'm not really a sunshine and flowers kind of person - I much prefer the bleak loveliness of winter - but since things finally seem to be looking up after a rough couple of weeks, it seems relevant to celebrate the waking-up of the world. (Side note: I love that phrase so much. I can't stop repeating it.) And what better way to celebrate than with music? ;)

Keeping up with what appears to be turning into a series of seasonal playlists (starting with Far Below These Birds), here's a mix for the loveliness of spring! As always, you can also click on the cover to listen to it on 8tracks, if you so desire.

Album Cover

i. bloom // the paper kites

ii. little bird // ed sheeran

iii.  into the wild // lewis watson

iv. i am mine // brooke waggoner

v. fall afresh // bethel music & jeremy riddle

vi. halcyon // the paper kites

vii. here comes the sun // the beatles

viii. stay young, go dancing // death cab for cutie

This is a mix for a newborn world, for spring shedding her coat of snow and waking up the flowers once more. These songs are the wind's whistling tune as he rediscovers his favourite hiding places; they're robins' melodies, come to remind everyone that it's time to begin again. These are songs for the sun gradually finding his way back to earth - and when he pokes his head through the clouds to say hello again, these are the songs that welcome him home.

love, Topaz