Temples, Mountains

reminders for you, & for myself: you are so goddamn loved it’s breathtaking, it’s astounding, it’s a work of art; some days ache & some days soar & no days are wrong; healing does not always look like life, sometimes it looks like death; no one finds you odd or out of place for doing what’s right for you; the way you show love is not always the same way the ones you love show love, & this does not make them wrong or bad, & it does not mean they don’t love you all the same in their own stunning ways; you are better today than you were yesterday; sometimes all you can ask is to breathe for one more day; the sun will rise & you will try again tomorrow—

which is to say, today i had a panic attack in a wide open space with no noise at all & no other possible triggers, & i’m trying to remind myself that sometimes healing means managing well but sometimes it means falling apart. that getting better is not a linear act. & this too must be song.